A long established club in South East Kent, with over 45 members. We meet at the New Broomfield Hall, 29-37 Broomfield road, Cheriton, Folkestone, Kent. CT19 4DJ on Wednesdays from about 7.45pm.

Membership is presently  £40 per year payable quarterly, half yearly or for the year.  The annual general meeting is held in February/March every year to which all club members are entitled to air their views, propose changes and discuss the clubs affairs, the accounts are also discussed.

The club features groups in 0 Gauge (7mm:1ft), 00 & 00 Finescale (4mm:1ft), EM Gauge (4mm:1ft) and N Gauge (2mm:1ft), each group can be represented by a club member who attends the committee meetings which are held every 6-8 weeks. The committee consists of Club President, Club Chairmen, Club Treasurer, Exhibition Manager, Club Secretary and Publicity Officer plus the representatives from each group.

In the Club there are several nationally acclaimed layouts ranging from N to O gauges. Many have featured in the national Model Railway press. Work progresses on these to continually update and improve them. By joining one of the groups you can learn from the well practised amateurs how to build baseboards, untangle the wiring and how to produce realistic scenery, amongst other items, from their many years of experience. Your particular knowledge can also be imparted to them and so the hobby of railway modelling can be moved another step forward. The best way to improve skills is to join your local Model Railway Club and all can share in the wonderful world of model railways.

Our annual exhibition is very popular with over 3000 visitors attending over the weekend and is regarded as one of the best in Kent and is held in October every year at the Leas Cliff Hall.

About two weeks after the exhibition the “post-mortem” is held which is a general meeting held along similar lines to the A.G.M but to discuss the results of the exhibition and to suggest alterations (if required).

We aim to promote the hobby of model railways through our exhibition and we also attend other shows throughout the country either with our own model railway layouts or as stewards.

Our Club secretary is Bob Bailey who can be contacted at:  secretaryfmrc@yahoo.com


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